What happened to Ethics in America?

17 Oct

Was it the Reagan years that encouraged us to make money, revile the poor and look down on minorities ( remember the fictional Welfare Queen) or was it more modern times when we have seen our leaders engage in sexcapades, fiscal malfeasance, immoral manipulation of people, politics and the media, or what. Far too many people are simply out for what they can get for themselves, something some of our politicians are feeding off of. ” Vote for me and I will save you from THEM”, whoever them happens to be.

What about telling the truth? Taking care of  your fellow citizens? Expecting the best from everyone until, unless they disappoint you and then feeling sorry for them because they are flawed? I have always been cynical and judgmental. I can remember having arguments with grown ups when I was about ten because I was sure I knew what I was talking about and was outraged that they used my age to discredit what I was saying, not logic or facts.

I am worried about my country. By my count about 70% of the population is dumb. I am not talking about uneducated, I am talking about uninformed and happy to be that way, and lacking in critical thinking skills or anything approaching logic.

For example, in a country that not only prides itself on religious freedom, but erroneously claims frequently to have been founded at least partially on that principle ( hint: the Puritans did not want religious freedom, why do you think they were burning witches and pressing people to death, they wanted to be free to practice THEIR religion to the exclusion of all others) how can people think that a religious group should not be allowed to build a house of worship or community center because some people who belonged to that religion were the perpetrators of the disgrace of 9/11?

If we use logic then Christians were the driving force behind the Ku Klux Klan that murdered thousands of blacks, Jews, Catholics and others in this country. Does that mean we should forbid the building of new churches???

I’m just sayin”


3 responses to “What happened to Ethics in America?

  1. Motorhead

    October 18, 2010 at 10:31 pm

    I think 70% is a reasonable count. Logic and reason simply does not enter the minds of those who can’t think outside of the box. Either they fear thinking, are just plain hardheaded or, I like your word better, dumb. Logic and reason tells me no, there should not be one more place of worship aka tax free, blind faith bringing, “let us now all mumble to ourselves” house of horror built in this country. Aren’t there enough already?! The title for the all-time undefeated heavy weight champion of death, destruction, suffering of humankind goes to religion and the U.S.A is the most religious country of the ‘civilized’ world. 86% of Americans buy into it. It’s just soooo convenient! “You’re in church now! We’ll do your thinking for you!” The money spent to build these houses of soul-saving, brain-emptying temples should be used to save lives. That just seems morally ethical to me. If a theist wants to argue that these places save souls, therefore saving lives I’d proffer the following, “I can see a person and you can’t see a soul.” As I type this, a child has just died of starvation. A baby has just died from AIDS because the Catholic church and condoms have a disagreement. Religionists have been contorting the 1st Amendment since its implementation. “In God We Trust” printed on our currency, “Under God” put into the Pledge, crucifixes planted on public land are a few examples. Why are devotees of the Catholic church still giving money to an institution that promotes pedophilia and death in the 21st century? They sincerely believe that money on the plate is a halo on their heads. Should a Catholic church be built any where near a school zone?! As it seems I’m picking on the Catholic church exclusively, allow me to clear that up. Religion, ALL religions are poison. I digress… Purveyors of fear have 1st Amendment rights. Churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and maybe, if we’re lucky, even a couple Aztec human sacrifice stages made of Legos will continue to pop up. 🙂

    • minerva5

      October 18, 2010 at 11:59 pm

      Wow! Quite a comment. I am not a religious person myself. I was very much into organized religion–Christianity–until grad school when I not only saw how religion had been used to oppress various and sundry societies, genders and groups, but how the stories of the Bible were mostly borrowed from previously written stories like the Epic of Gilgamesh and the story of Isis and other ancient fables. That made me stop, step back and take another look. I do, however, support people who find comfort or peace or hope in religion. It is a difficult world out there and whatever blows your skirt up, so to speak, as long as it does not hurt anyone else, is fine with me!:-)

      • Motorhead

        October 19, 2010 at 2:03 am

        Dr. Cookie,
        I understand your go with the flow attitude on this subject as I used to have the same. However, is appeasing going to make people think? Be the pot-stirrer you are! Since we’re no strangers to good ol’ fashioned snide sarcasm, I’ll take a lil jab here. It’s a difficult world out there and supporting religionists blows your buildings up, not fine with me!
        There’s a football game on and I’ve got homework to do. 🙂 Peace!


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