A New Year at work! New adventures, new plans!

03 Jan

So, tomorrow the new year at work begins. It is always exciting to go back to work ( quit groaning those of you who hate your jobs!) and see what needs to be done. The first thing I will have to do is un-decorate my office. I left the little tree up and the tinsel on the bookcase and the angel and Santa sitting on the table. Then I need to figure out how to make my voice mail quit saying I am on vacation until the 3rd, and how to make my email quit saying I am off campus until the 3rd. I will not have a lot of emails to respond to because I always answer emails, on vacation or not, even at the beach–more on that later.

I have some resolutions about work this year, the first time I have ever made any that are not merely about my personal life and being. First, I am going to do more writing. Second, which supports the first, I am going to do more research. Third, I am going to spend more time working on what I find is important and less time worrying about whether or not other people are working on what I think is important. I cannot help them and if they choose to in the words of Elbert Hubbard ” avoid criticism by saying nothing, doing nothing and being nothing” it is not my responsibility to either point that out to them or try to change them. I will simply feel sorry for them. Fourth, I am going to publish at least one article a semester on a topic I love–read race, some other aspect of social justice  or education or both/all of the above here.

So far my publications have been sporadic and mostly about what other people want me to write about for their book or their article or their journal. But, I am getting too old to write what others think they need. I want to write what I think I know and need to share.

Finally, I am going to leave work at work. I have been notorious for a while for always being at work. Even when I am at home I am on the computer doing something work related or reading journal articles or sending or answering emails. I think now I will leave campus and do what a friend does who is a psychiatrist. She specializes in treating abused women and children and when I asked her how she copes with dealing with such dreadful things and does not let it impact her at home and with her family she told me  that she stops at her front door and runs her hands down her arms, legs and torso and thus symbolically leaves the problems and horror stories she has encountered during her workday outside of her home. So, if my neighbors see me running my hands down my body after work they will know what I am doing!

Fortunately my work does not involve true horror stories. It might include annoying things or insensitive things, but nothing that generally rises to the level of systemic abuse.
Also fortunately the job is varied, I rarely do the same thing two days in a row. Which is wonderful since I bore quite easily and have what one might accurately call a true lack of patience, although I am working on that. I have decided that lack of patience is actually caused by the delusion that you can control everything. The annoyance comes when the world does not do what you want it to do quickly enough.

So here is to a new year, new opportunities to change the world, even if only a few folks at a time and the chance to forget old failures and look for new successes. I hope your first day back at work is exciting ( in a good way) fulfilling and fun. Mine will be or I will go down trying to make it so! 🙂

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