Technology thy name is abomination!

02 Feb

We, my husband and I, have been blessed and cursed by the technology gods this week. It all began as a money saving strategy, which should have told us to begin with it would be doomed. We have never been folks that money liked to linger around, I think it is allergic to us.

A couple of years ago I decided that my contribution to my college aged granddaughter would be to pay for her cell phone each month. Now, lest you think I mean a cheapo $49 a month phone service, bite your tongue. Not my grandddaughter, nooo, she has a Blackberry with all of the accompanying bells and whistles. She did not like the company I was with, which I will call TM so her service is with AT, that meant no family plan, free calls between each other, etc.

So, when our service contract with TM  expired I figured we would just go to AT and get a family plan. Sounds simple, I mean they are advertising it all over the airwaves! I began the adventure on Wednesday of last week, calling the company, picking out phones ( we got iphones and I am afraid of mine, I think it is plotting to overthrow the government or at least is plotting to do me in) and setting up the service to start on Monday. I called TM, and after a tearful goodbye with a truly mournful young man named ” Jason” who tried his best to talk me into staying with his company to the point of offering everything short of nightly foot rubs, canceled my service with them effective, when else, on Monday!

The phones arrived in all their glory on Friday. I had not been able to keep my phone number, since I started my granddaughter’s service in Ohio where she is going to college and I live in NC. My husband could keep his because it was an Ohio number from back in the halcyon days when we had a commuter marriage–I will write about how marvelous I thought that period was in a future post, fortunately he does not read my blog.

Anyway, my iphone was hot boxed and ready to go. Right out of the box it began to take over my life. It pulled down my AOL mail, asked me how I wanted it to look, sound, make calls, answer calls, offered to type for me from voice commands, it made itself almost indispensable within hours. After I took it to my IT folks on campus on Monday it could now update my calendar, contact anyone on campus if I just type in ( or speak) their name, it is like having a servant in your purse or pocket.

My husband, since his phone number was the same, had to wait until the old TM “ported” his number over to the new AT.  We watched his phone expectantly, waiting for some sign or omen and nothing happened. He called AT,  I called AT and still nothing happened.

In the meantime we had decided to change cable companies–again a money saving deal–and go with the same company that had provided our new cell phones. The appointment to install was today. We also decided that since nobody calls our home phone but people wanting us to support starving marmosets in Tunisia or to buy new windows, we were going to do away with a land line like our younger folks were doing.

Sounds good, new phones, new cable, no home phone, we were going to be hip! The problem started with the installation of the new cable. Seems the old cable company likes to cut some crucial wires to your house in order to make installation by another company harder. A three hour installation turned into a day long adventure.My poor husband was being held hostage by the cable gods.

In the meantime I am at work wondering how things are going at home. Trouble is hubby’s cell is not working and since they are installing the new stuff we no longer have a land line. Communication is no longer possible. All I could think of us what happens if I get home and there is no land line, my husband has no cell and we have no cable. The prospect was dire.

Fortunately, when I came home( early, I could not concentrate wondering what horrors awaited me) the installation was nearly finished. That was the good news. The bad news was that our large 8 year old television in the living room took one look at the new fancy system and promptly turned up its tubes and died. So, we have the small television from the guest room in the living room. I think the the new system is wonderful, but I have to get up from the couch and go closer to the set to actually see much.

The further good news is that I am getting more exercise whenever there is anything on television I have to read or look at closely and that we probably watched too much television to begin with. The further bad news is I have already caught my husband scanning Best Buy ads online. So much for saving money.


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2 responses to “Technology thy name is abomination!

  1. Brian Wasner

    February 2, 2011 at 5:21 am

    For real savings, tell your husband to go visit Micro Center, at – there is a brick-and-mortar store in Sharonville (Ohio), so if you are ever back in Ohio, drive down, and take a look. It’s worth the time, and there is far more tech stuff there with far better deals than Best Buy.

    The line cutting thing by the cable company / phone companies / satellite companies needs to stop. We had a company come out and they cut some of my personal network cable in our house (when we lived in Centerville) that was going through the attic. I made them come back out and replace it with the same stuff. Good Cat-6 Ethernet Cable is NOT cheap.

    Hope you like your new found freedoms with your new phones. Just wait – better things are coming… 😉

  2. Mary Beth King

    February 2, 2011 at 5:19 pm

    Cookie, you are going to love your iPhone!! I’m on my second one and can’t imagine how I ever got along without it. Now, you just need a high-def television with DVR, and you will be all set! LOL


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