Myths exploded: The Gospel according to St. Cookie

26 Oct

Hello valued and wonderful readers! In this season of duplicity and dishonesty i simply have to set the record straight on a few things.

!) Even though this is America, the land of opportunity, the best one does not always win. I have had the misfortune of having several incompetent bosses in my career–who hasn’t? As a matter of fact they outnumber the competent ones, and that is not just hubris talking. My bosses have been, for the most part, people who are not intellectuals, they are plodders and they were not imaginative, visionary or clever. They have usually been good company people, however, so I guess quality is in the eye of the beholder. Having been born with a very weak respect for authority gene and a nonexistent suck-up  gene, I suppose I am doomed to only a certain level of success. If people are paying you obscene amounts of money I think you should be able to demonstrate some value beyond the ability to know your place and keep it. Any job that requires you to subvert who you really are in order to succeed is flawed and the people who hold them are doubly flawed. And, they do not advance the institution of which they are a part, they hold it back, but they do not cause trouble. Trouble is required for progress. If you want to be safe you are going nowhere folks.

2) Any woman who votes for the GOP has some serious issues. From redefining rape to binders of women to refusing to pay for birth control to outlawing abortions ,the War on Women is not a fictitious issue made up by us liberals. These completely loony antediluvian ideas shared by some Republicans are examples of what they really think of women and how they think women should be both treated and viewed. The American Taliban is quite real and yes, my friends, it is all, every stinking one of them, on the right. The fact there are women who support them is astounding to me. Oh they give excuses like , ” I am concerned with the economy, that is why I am voting for Romney.” Let me ask you two things sweetie pie,; 1) Who was in office when the economy went to hell in a handbasket, Democrats or Republicans? Republicans wreck the economy Democrats fix it and the Republicans come back into office on the stupid premise that it was not fixed well enough or fast enough. Just because many of the super rich are Republicans does not mean they are going to get your sorry butt out of your financial difficulties. They would not spit on you if you were on fire! and  2) If the lovely men who do not think you should be in control of your own body and should only work at jobs that ensure you can be home to cook dinner are in power what kind of economic opportunities do you think you are going to get from them? Considering their ideas about rape and sex perhaps a job as an escort or lady of the evening might be a growth field under them, pun intended.

3) Polls should be routinely ignored. Not only do they fluctuate wildly and weirdly they are totally unreliable. They were still calling for a close presidential race in 2008 right up to the last minute. Yet, I was in bed by 9:00 because Barack Obama had already nailed down enough electoral votes. Many groups are under-sampled, minorities and young folks to name two, both of whom vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. A lot of the 30 somethings who will be voting do not have a land line telephone. And most of them who do would not answer a blocked call, they know better. It is only us old codgers who find a ringing telephone an imperative to pick up because that is how we were trained.  The news media, owned by corporations I might add, want you to keep watching and reading. They are going to make it a horse race if it kills them. I presume their need to make money trumps their ethics, if they have any.

4) It does matter who the president is, it especially matters if you are not rich, white, male and straight because buttercup things are in the wind that would set this country back decades in the area of social programs and human rights. The election of Barack Obama scared the sheets off of some of our fine citizens and the backlash has been persistent, purposeful, concentrated and well financed. It brought together groups of people who had one thing in common, they did not want a black man in the White House. Some of them did not care about his race, but his party and his programs, but they were perfectly willing to climb into bed with the racists, as the GOP has been doing since the 1960s, in order to defeat the President. What fascinates me is the idea that a person who is making minimum wage and scraping out a living thinks he or she has any commonality or common interests with a bunch of millionaires. If they liked you snickerdoodle they would have done something about your degraded state long ago. They have enough money to buy hundreds of thousands of you a new double wide and have enough left over to buy a new flagpole for your Stars and Bars. They do not care about you. They are using your bad habits of racism and xenophobia to make you think they are your friends. They have no problems with black people, unless they get in office and begin to talk about GASP maybe making it so that some cannot have elevators in their cars while some cannot afford food. The shame of it! Redistributing wealth! What an idea. The rich deserve to be rich, no matter how they got there, and the poor deserve to be poor no matter how they got there. Social Darwinism says so! No one needs to help anyone else, last of all the government ( ignore all those subsidies and tax breaks and things behind the curtain) .

And finally—stop breathing sighs of relief, I can hear you— Sarah Palin aka the Snowbilly and Ann Coulter, known as poster girl  proof that birth control properly applied would have benefited humankind, and people of their ilk need to be ignored except when you are boycotting any product associated in any manner with them. People like this did not used to get notice from legitimate media, but now that everything in America is for sale they have a platform. There is no money to be made being intellectual, rational, ethical and sane, so if you find yourself slipping out of the public eye say something racist or homophobic or sexist, and bingo you are front page news. The freaks get the money and the freakier the more they get. Welcome to 21st century America. Now, who do you think would be more likely to try to restore some class and decency to America? The rape and women’s body obsessed GOP or the bleeding heart Democrats?

I’ll have a platter of Obama with a side of Biden please, hold the Romney, I’m allergic!


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