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My fellow rightie citizens: some of them are nuts!

The aftermath of the Romney loss has been scary. The reasons the GOP is giving for losing the race are founded in exactly the same bigotry and delusion that cost them the election in the first place. From Ryan continuing to use coded racist language like “urban voters” to Romney swearing Obama won because he gave the biggest gifts–not in a league with what he was proposing to give to the 1%–, they are ignoring what all the analysts, even their own, are saying.

I just finished reading an article where a leader of the GOP in Georgia is claiming that the President and the UN are using mind control to convince people to allow certain land usage. Really?? Explain to me how people take leaders who talk about legitimate rape, mind control as if they are facts but deny global warming, evolution and the age of earth despite any proof that can be be offered? And let’s not forget the woman who ran over her husband because he did not vote for Romney or the simpletons from the red states trying to secede. One of the leaders of the movement from one southern state is mad because the government (in 2001 before President Obama was close to being in power) closed down his topless carwash, driving him out of business. The fact that it was his state legislature’s decency law–passed in 1998– that closed him down does not seem to intrude on his desire to leave the Union. I guess he thinks if he can get away from the feds he can convince his state folks to let him have his breasts and bubbles. Of course, virtually all of the states that want to secede collect more money from the federal government than the blue states. They are suckling harder and harder at the public teat ( but not at the car wash) then any states,but they want to leave the Union because Obama gives too many things to the 47%, of which they are part.

Reminds me of my colleague years ago who had a non-performing in the economic sense husband who fancied himself a sort of small town robber baron. Problem was he did not have any money. He strutted around town in his brand name  hunting attire, had a “hunting cabin”–more like a lean to on a creek, that he habituated while living off of his teacher wife’s earnings. He was a rabid Republican and led the charge when Ohio, under a Democratic government, mandated a teacher’s raise, to get it repealed. He was living off of her salary, which the state had ordered raised , but old Rusty was out trying to get the law repealed and take bread out of his mouth and LL Bean vests off of his less than impressive chest. He set up a card table in the parking lot of one of the local big box stores and spent his days collecting signatures to cut his wife’s pay.

What kind of people follow folks with these kinds of delusions? Or are willing to be associated with them? Call me an intellectual snob, but any party that would hop in bed with people like Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter would not have me as a member. If you lie down with mentally diseased dogs you gt up with things worse than fleas.

The entire party seems to have a case of severe dysfunction. And yet, I know perfectly normal people who cling to their Republican party. They are not racists, homophobes, kooks, sexists, they are just plain people, holding on to a chimera of what used to be the GOP. The fact that the party has been taken  over by the mentally challenged is seen by them as a temporary condition, one that can be reversed. I do not know whether to applaud them for loyalty to smack them for delusion.

Republicans’ public personna today is of a party woefully out of touch with reality on virtually every subject from those mentioned above to women’s rights, gay rights, minority rights and human rights to the environment to education, the latter of which the party has come out against with guns blazing and do not get me talking about how scary it is to have people armed with guns who think that the UN is engaging in mind control or that the President is actually a foreign born Muslim! Most of these people should not be allowed to have any implement more dangerous than a spork and I might have to consider it carefully before giving them one of those.

I believe in the two party system. I am a yellow dog Democrat because I see no other viable option. I would love for the Republican party to right itself and turn back into something that would not make me think that they are all crazier than a sprayed roach. The concentration of affinity groups like blacks, Latinos, white women and gays in one party  makes voter suppression and other electoral ills too easy and the parties lose the voices of a diverse group which is not in the best interests of anyone. But damn people, I cannot be in a party that suggests that some rapes are legitimate or that asking for birth control is tantamount to being a prostitute. Break us folks who would like to see two viable parties off a little something and get rid of your lunatic fringe. Let the start their own secessionist party, maybe we can give them an island somewhere, build a barbed wire fence around it and let them enjoy their guns at will.

I want y’all to rebuild a Republican party that will not make me ashamed to say my father was a Republican until he died and then have to explain that he was not THAT kind of Republican. Is that too much to ask?


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The Election: a Post-mortem, although only one side died

Well it is all over but the shouting or the whimpering or the whooping or the weeping, depending on what you wanted to happen on Tuesday you are either in a really good place or a really bad place at the moment. I hate to brag ( no I really do!) but I told everyone all along it was a lead pipe cinch that Barack Obama would win re-election. I even called it that the results would be known before midnight and it was announced, I believe at 11:15.

I had watched the main stream, supposedly liberal ( I must have a different definition of liberal) try hard to make it look like a horse race. ” Romney is gaining” or ” the gap is closing.” Horse feathers. Conservatives did not like Romney, moderates were lukewarm on him and liberals could not stand him. How was he going to win? His own party went to great lengths to make sure they alienated as many affinity groups as possible by saying asinine things about rape and abortion and birth control and gays and minorities. And old Mitty was between a rock and a hard place. If he repudiated idiots like Akin then he would alienate the Teabillies, if he did not he would alienate everyone sane. He was the victim of some truly bad advice; placate the Tea Party nutters and they will vote you into the White House.

Well, he tried to shift to the right of Cowboy Perry on immigration. How’d that work for you Mitt? Latinos joined virtually ever other minority and a fair number of non-minority voters to re-elect the President. His early comments about messing with Medicare no doubt cost him much of the gray haired vote. His refusal to take a stand against members of his party who said homophobic, racist, sexist, misogynistic and downright loony things helped alienate the rest of the country. I would say the only constituency he did not insult was straight, white, rich, men, but I know quite a few straight, white, rich men and they were insulted by his lack of comprehension of what America is really about, so he pretty much ran the table.

Some of those from the losing side have decided not to bow out gracefully. Beck is telling people to buy farmland and go where there are people like minded, oh, and buy a gun before you go. Some Texas  Republicans are talking about secession. I have to ask, is there anyone who really wants to hold on to Texas? I think it would be appropriate for them to secede, then have Mexico re-annex them and let them live as Mexican citizens. THEN i might be willing to put up an electrified ten foot fence to keep them out.

I foresee more people who do not like women, blacks, gays, Catholics, Zoroastrians, old people, young people, Asians, Indians, Latinos, college graduates and vegetarians moving to places with ” like minded” people. I think this has already happened in some cases, like Arizona. I was not fond of Jesse Helms, but I may have to borrow his suggestion to build a fence around the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to keep what he saw as dangerous people in. I say we start a fund and get some barbed wire up around Arizona, Texas and most of the South. We would, of course allow the rational a time period to vacate first.

A map is circulating now that claims to show that the most educated states were all blue while the least educated were all red. I am not sure of its validity, but am willing to bet it is not far wrong. The reaction of many of the Republicans is enough to make you buy into that theory alone. When they have gone on record explaining the butt whipping they got on Tuesday they have offered the following reasons:

1) Bill O’Reilly says it is because minorities want free stuff. He evidently has never seen the research that demonstrates that far more people in the red states are on some variety of the dole than the blue states, but then he may not be able to comprehend graphs and charts.

2) Rush said it was because the people ignored the massive numbers of “highly talented” black folks in the party and therefore painted the party as racist or unsympathetic to minorities. This from a man who played a song called Barack the Magic Negro on his program.

3) That the only thing the GOP needed to win was more Latinos! ( Evidently they have written blacks off as a lost cause rather than trying to figure out why we do not vote for them. But then, they are woefully culturally illiterate). Well I hate to tell them but some Latinos are black, some are gay and some are women. Pretty sure they have several problems with the GOP.

4) Several people have told me it has nothing to do with identity politics, they cannot explain what it has to do with but it has nothing to do with the perception that the Republican party is made up of a coalition of a few decent people, a lot of nuts, a plethora of racists, homophobes, misogynists, flat earthers, American taliban, science deniers and people who believe the Flintstones was a documentary.

The fact that most white women, most minorities, gays and the young all voted for Obama in large numbers has nothing to do with the bile spewed by the party leaders and its followers. Nope, apples and oranges no doubtWhen i try to explain to my rightie friends, yes I have a few, that as a black woman me voting for a Republican would be like a chicken voting for Col Sanders, they refuse to believe it. The Republican party they tell me is the party of Lincoln ( psst he would not be a member of your party now!) , it is not racist in the slightest. To which I have to ask if they read the newspaper or listen to the news?

A California woman evidently tweeted something to the effect that we now have four more years with “that nigger”, but maybe someone will assassinate him. Evidently when she got fired from her job and castigated by thousands for being a racist she was incredulous that anyone would think that of her. Bill Maher calls this kind of thinking living in a bubble. Evidently quite a few people in America live in a bubble when it comes to racism and homophobia and sexism. They seem to think they cannot be guilty of being a racist, a homophobe or a misogynist if they don’t feel like one. Their actions and language evidently have nothing to do with it.

So, in honor of my father who was a lifelong Republican ( he died before the party sold us down the river) I will offer this advice to my Republican fellow citizens. You can either have hate radio ( Beck. Limbaugh), nutty candidates ( Akin, et al) , repudiation of science ( global warming, the age of the earth, evolution)  or you can have voters.  Not enough people want to belong to a party that celebrates ignorance, greed and bigotry, thank goodness. If you want to, as some claim, balance the budget, limit government, cut taxes most people are not going to argue with you. If you want to make women have invasive procedures because your religion does not believe in letting them control their own bodies, if you want to call young graduate students sluts for wanting birth control pill paid for, if you want to have your party members carrying around signs that say things like ” The bro and his ho must go” or ” Don’t re-nig in 2012″ then you are not going to win many more elections. And please do not think people like Michael Steele or Condi Rice are going to get more blacks to join the GOP. There have always been folks like them, every slave revolt was quashed because a slave told on the rebels. This genre of black person believes if they shout loudly enough that race is not important, that there is no reason that America should worry about race that they will be made honorary white people and not have to worry about being identified with ” those people.” They did not have a wise father like mine, who told me when i was 12, ” You know what they call a black man with a PhD behind his back don’t you? ” When I said I did not he said , ” A nigger.” Being nice to the master and doing his bidding to the detriment of your own people will get you money, maybe even fame, but it will not get black people to follow you, or respect you.

There is a simple fix for the Republican party, decent Republicans need to take back their party. Throw out the bigots and morons , the flat earthers and the science deniers and invite in some people of color, gays  and white women. If you don’t… well, you can always hope that the apocalypse will come soon, surely everyone who will be taken away will be white, straight, male and rich.

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