My fellow rightie citizens: some of them are nuts!

17 Nov

The aftermath of the Romney loss has been scary. The reasons the GOP is giving for losing the race are founded in exactly the same bigotry and delusion that cost them the election in the first place. From Ryan continuing to use coded racist language like “urban voters” to Romney swearing Obama won because he gave the biggest gifts–not in a league with what he was proposing to give to the 1%–, they are ignoring what all the analysts, even their own, are saying.

I just finished reading an article where a leader of the GOP in Georgia is claiming that the President and the UN are using mind control to convince people to allow certain land usage. Really?? Explain to me how people take leaders who talk about legitimate rape, mind control as if they are facts but deny global warming, evolution and the age of earth despite any proof that can be be offered? And let’s not forget the woman who ran over her husband because he did not vote for Romney or the simpletons from the red states trying to secede. One of the leaders of the movement from one southern state is mad because the government (in 2001 before President Obama was close to being in power) closed down his topless carwash, driving him out of business. The fact that it was his state legislature’s decency law–passed in 1998– that closed him down does not seem to intrude on his desire to leave the Union. I guess he thinks if he can get away from the feds he can convince his state folks to let him have his breasts and bubbles. Of course, virtually all of the states that want to secede collect more money from the federal government than the blue states. They are suckling harder and harder at the public teat ( but not at the car wash) then any states,but they want to leave the Union because Obama gives too many things to the 47%, of which they are part.

Reminds me of my colleague years ago who had a non-performing in the economic sense husband who fancied himself a sort of small town robber baron. Problem was he did not have any money. He strutted around town in his brand name  hunting attire, had a “hunting cabin”–more like a lean to on a creek, that he habituated while living off of his teacher wife’s earnings. He was a rabid Republican and led the charge when Ohio, under a Democratic government, mandated a teacher’s raise, to get it repealed. He was living off of her salary, which the state had ordered raised , but old Rusty was out trying to get the law repealed and take bread out of his mouth and LL Bean vests off of his less than impressive chest. He set up a card table in the parking lot of one of the local big box stores and spent his days collecting signatures to cut his wife’s pay.

What kind of people follow folks with these kinds of delusions? Or are willing to be associated with them? Call me an intellectual snob, but any party that would hop in bed with people like Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter would not have me as a member. If you lie down with mentally diseased dogs you gt up with things worse than fleas.

The entire party seems to have a case of severe dysfunction. And yet, I know perfectly normal people who cling to their Republican party. They are not racists, homophobes, kooks, sexists, they are just plain people, holding on to a chimera of what used to be the GOP. The fact that the party has been taken  over by the mentally challenged is seen by them as a temporary condition, one that can be reversed. I do not know whether to applaud them for loyalty to smack them for delusion.

Republicans’ public personna today is of a party woefully out of touch with reality on virtually every subject from those mentioned above to women’s rights, gay rights, minority rights and human rights to the environment to education, the latter of which the party has come out against with guns blazing and do not get me talking about how scary it is to have people armed with guns who think that the UN is engaging in mind control or that the President is actually a foreign born Muslim! Most of these people should not be allowed to have any implement more dangerous than a spork and I might have to consider it carefully before giving them one of those.

I believe in the two party system. I am a yellow dog Democrat because I see no other viable option. I would love for the Republican party to right itself and turn back into something that would not make me think that they are all crazier than a sprayed roach. The concentration of affinity groups like blacks, Latinos, white women and gays in one party  makes voter suppression and other electoral ills too easy and the parties lose the voices of a diverse group which is not in the best interests of anyone. But damn people, I cannot be in a party that suggests that some rapes are legitimate or that asking for birth control is tantamount to being a prostitute. Break us folks who would like to see two viable parties off a little something and get rid of your lunatic fringe. Let the start their own secessionist party, maybe we can give them an island somewhere, build a barbed wire fence around it and let them enjoy their guns at will.

I want y’all to rebuild a Republican party that will not make me ashamed to say my father was a Republican until he died and then have to explain that he was not THAT kind of Republican. Is that too much to ask?


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8 responses to “My fellow rightie citizens: some of them are nuts!

  1. The Hound Online

    November 17, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    It amazes me how recklessly Democrats enjoy categorizing half of the US population as racists. It is frustrating and offensive to be labeled in such a way for wanting a balanced budget and a smaller government. Believe me, I wish that the Republican party would change too, but I feel that the GOP is too far to the center. These days, one is simply voting for the better of the two moderates. It pains me to see that this election has also brought out such racial tension and vitriol. The last time that I checked, we were all Americans. By the way, my wife and children (I am in a biracial marriage) would be thrilled to find out that I am a racist because I voted Republican. Ridiculous.

    • minerva5

      November 17, 2012 at 4:47 pm

      Did you read the blog? I said I knew quite a few Republicans who were not racist, but the party tolerates, embraces and welcomes racist far too often. Not all Republicans are racists, but most racists are almost certainly Republicans, I think our recent election proved that.

      • The Hound Online

        November 17, 2012 at 11:37 pm

        I did read your post. The implication was still there. Sorry, I just call them like I see them. The blogosphere is full of racial tension right now; most of it perpetuated from the left. Your reply to my comment simply illustrated the liberty that you take when implying that a group is racist, as you again felt the need to label Republicans as racists by cleverly attempting to talk from both sides of your mouth. I am not trying to be controversial, nor am I a “troll”. I am simply tired of being labeled as a racist because I disagree with the policy of most Democrats. It is a very deplorable tactic, to label the opposition as such. I prefer to live in the realm of facts, not generalizations.

      • minerva5

        November 18, 2012 at 12:24 am

        I would not presume you are a racist because you are Republican, most Republicans I know are not racists. I am, however everlastingly amazed at how decent people can support a party that has aligned itself with racists since the adoption of the Southern Strategy in the 1960s. Pretending there is not a racist component to your base is simply living in a bubble of denial. You do not have to read my blog to find references to GOP racism. One of your own people, Gov Bobby Jindal called you out about it, McCain’s Hispanic coordinator recently called her party on it. There are two problems with race and your party1) too many of you are culturally illiterate, you have no idea what people who are not white think or do or want 2) you refuse to repudiate racism because you need the racists votes, they are a staple voting block for you. It is widely known and frequently acknowledged that between the two parties the GOP has much more of a white supremacy base than the Democrats. Only two examples, bumper stickers that said ” the bro and his Ho must go” and .don’t re-nig in 2012″, what party do you suppose the people in those cars belonged to? You share a party with them and we are known by the company we keep. Since I presume you are white I would not expect racism to be as much of an issue to you as it is to me, but if you are going to tolerate it hen you have no right to bristle when it is pointed out. Your party has problems with race and unless you face it abound deal with it the GOP will continue to not receive a decent number of minority votes. There is an old Jewish proverb, “If 9 people tell you that you have a tail laugh, if ten tell you, you had better look!” The GOP has been told about its race problem more than ten times, you better look! Dr. Cookie Newsom

  2. 14theagesByron K. Ward

    November 18, 2012 at 2:30 pm

    I was thinking the same thing. We must have read the same article about Romney’s delusion about losing the election. He can’t believe he lost. Have you read the various articles about election fraud, “Obama’s gifts”, the shift from traditional values, etc.? How did they get it so twisted?

    • minerva5

      November 18, 2012 at 3:15 pm

      Too many of them depend on Rush Limbaugh and Fox News for their information, which leads them to believing in a world hat does not exist.

      • 14theagesByron K. Ward

        November 18, 2012 at 3:33 pm

        So true, Fox propaganda is rampant among many conservatives.

  3. 14theagesByron K. Ward

    November 18, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    BTW, keep doing what you doing. Love to you and family.


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