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Right Wing Friendships: There are limits to what a body can take!

right wing politicsWoke up this morning and went through my usual routine. Being a slave to routine I went into the bathroom, washed my face ( I am a night bather, I do not like getting into the bed with the world’s dirt on me, although some people evidently like to take a shower in the morning, makes sense if you are white and need to wash your hair, but black people, well most black people, do not create oil in their hair so we don’t have to wash it each morning, I wash mine at night ), put on my foundation, all I wear is foundation to even out my skin tone and some lipstick,  took off my nightgown, put on my underwear, applying deodorant and perfume first, put on my clothes which were selected last night and hung on the peg behind the dressing room door designated for the next day’s outfit, turned out the lights in the dressing room, put on my glasses, collected my iPad from the night stand and went down the stairs. Greeted Wayne and the cats, plugged my iPad into the charger fixed breakfast—oatmeal, toast and tea, and read the morning paper. I then went  to check email on the computer.


I start with mail and progress to Facebook. I have had a “friend” a woman I have known since high school on FB for a couple of months. She is a little older than I am, we actually both appeared in the same prom dress when she was a senior and I was a sophomore, she being taller and slimmer she looked better in it than I did.  She always seemed nice but nothing approaching a rocket scientist. To my horror after accepting her friend request a couple of months ago I discovered she is not only a Republican, she is a Tea Party Republican. This for me is akin to discovering your sweet neighbor lady who bakes you cookies is secretly running a meth lab in her backyard. It is game changing.


My FB friends do not have to share my liberal Democrat ways or attitudes or beliefs or passions. They do, however, have to not be prone to posting fabricated crap about President Obama that is insulting not just because it is untrue, but because it is idiotic. Of all the bad habits that can annoy me stupidity is the ultimate deal breaker. I do not care if you hate President Obama and his mama and his llama. I do care that you post stupid crap about his birth certificate or about him being a Muslim ( and the fact you would think that disqualifies him from being president if true is an indication that you are not wrapped too tight by the way) or some other made up fantasy fault that has been created by people who have pointy hoods hanging in the backs of their closets. I am not a big Obama cheerleader. He is far too conservative and non-confrontive for me. He should be telling the GOP to kiss his melanin gifted ass and issuing executive orders like  they are going out of style.  He has been too weak in fighting the evil right and in not calling them out for the paranoid, racist, homophobic, misogynistic bunch of xenophobes and morons they are.


But, if you want to be critical be critical of something valid. I am not a fan of the drones for example. Killing people you don’t have to be near has too much danger of turning into a violent video game and taking some of the horror out of fact you are killing people, some of them innocent civilians. But the kind of things these idiots post are just that, idiotic. It makes me wonder about what kind of fellow citizens I am sharing this fair country with. Mercifully as his re-election shows, they are in the minority, but how many morons does it take to wreck a society? Especially if we are not paying them much attention, presuming because they are morons they are basically harmless.


My friends and colleagues from my former state of NC can tell you what happens when you presume the morons are harmless. They take over your legislature and proceed to turn the state into a joke. People who have extreme anti-social attitudes like the Tea Party nuts are dangerous. They are not in touch with reality and you never know how their delusions are going to play out, either in the statehouse or the schools or the universities. The GOP has been waging a war on education for decades, and for good reason. Independent studies have shown that the more educated you are the more likely you are to be a Democrat. Obviously an ignorant public is to their advantage.


Which brings me back to my now former friend. This morning was the final straw. I had ignored her simpleton posts about the President, chalking them up to her limited intellect and her obvious lack of a diverse pool of people to interact with.  I had even put up with her asking me why I needed to be so interested in race and could not be satisfied by just calling myself an American. That led me to wonder if there was any reason I should try to be friends with her since she was obviously clueless. If I had had any faith in her intellect I would have suggested she read some Tim Wise or Peggy McIntosh but I am afraid that would have been way over her head.


She is the quintessential white woman who thinks that her life and her circle are the only norm and who has lived with and embraced both white privilege and racism without questioning either. She engages in using her privilege and in ignoring racism and in some cases participating in racist activities but would be massively offended if anyone suggested she is racist. She is, thank goodness, a representative of a genre that is a fading anomaly. My white women friends and most white women I am not friends with , are thinking, intelligent, informed and marvelous critical thinkers. They are not all liberals, but they are not intellectually limited. They will accept evidence and engage in discussion. We do not always agree, but we can all respect each other’s point of view as based on reason. Some of the strongest warriors for social justice in my circle are white women.  They get it. This woman is a throw back to a type that is on a rapid path to extinction and I am not going to try to mount any charity efforts to preserve them.


What was the final straw that got her unfriended? She put up a post today on Facebook that called for recruiting Sarah Palin, the poster girl for idiocy, to run for the US Senate. I can take right winger dumbness, even right winger dumbness tinged with racism, but when you are a fan of Sarah Palin I can no longer consider you compos mentis. It is the closest thing I have to a litmus test. Saying you are a fan of Sarah Palin tells me that you are not a thinking person. Or, that you are so corrupt that you would be willing to install this joke of a human being into the legislature in order to further your own political agenda. Either way I cannot have anything for your but sympathy and a hope that you have not or will not reproduce.


I am generally hard to surprise, but to discover anyone who would even think they want to be my friend would be a Sarah Palin fan is surprising, and disturbing. I like diversity, including intellectual diversity and political diversity, but Sarah Palin? Really??? If you are so far right that Sarah Palin seems like a viable leader to you then you do not want to be my friend, trust me. We are not in the same zip code politically, perhaps not the same planet.


So dear friends, and former friends and about to be former friends here are the rules: 1) All criticism of the President has to be founded in reality not fantasy and not racism, 2) If you like Sarah Palin do us both a favor and unfriend me now

3) Read, learn, inform yourself, not just about you and your friends, but broader. One of the reason I have a few conservative friends ( the thinking kind) is I need to see what they are up to and how they interpret and perceive things. I question my own attitudes and beliefs on a daily basis to see if they are still valid or if they need tweaking. I try to read the Tea Party things, but they are so bizarre and uneducated and inferior that they just end up making me a wee bit paranoid about the future of my country, so I have to take them in small doses.right wing politics


I hope that all of my friends, indeed all who read this, keep thinking , keep forming ideas and opinions and keep defending them. Just make sure your defense is based in reality and not something that some mental defective in Snake’s Navel Alabama has churned out on his or her computer after their Klan, The Flintstones was a Documentary,  or Flat Earth Society meeting.